Emily Abbott is a 3X Crossfit Game Athlete (14,15,16) and 8th fittest woman in the world (2015). She was born and raised on a ranch south west of Calgary. She loved playing all sports going up but ultimately chose to play basketball at the University of Windsor. After winning 2 National Championships she began to travel around parts of Europe, Indonesia and New Zealand, where she was introduced to Crossfit and found her calling. 

When she returned to Calgary she fully committed herself to train for the Crossfit Games and has been competing in Crossfit for the past 4 years. She loves that everyday she can get better in the gym and outside of the gym. She’s excited to be part of the Made Foods Ambassador team as she is a firm believer that nutrition is the most important part of training and becoming the best possible you. Stay tuned for her next competition in May 2017 at the Crossfit Regionals where the top 5 women will head to the Crossfit Games.

You can follow Emily via Instagram – abbott.the.red


Devin Featherstone balances life as a Calgary fire fighter and exploring the great outdoors. His main sport is competing in ultra marathons which has lead him to many outdoor activities such as back country skiing and biking. He has completed races literally around the world and always been drawn to sport and the outdoors. 

His passion for sport has lead him to share his experiences with others through Sharp Conditioning.

Devin and his wife Elise have a 11 month old son named Kai and continue to pursue an outdoor lifestyle. There main goal is to live simple, explore our backyard and show Kai all its beauty. Devin and Elise want to be an inspiration to other parents proving that you can continue to explore and continue your own passions with a little one.

You can follow Devin and his adventures via Instagram – dfeatherstone or at www.sharpconditioning.com


Kodette is a devoted wife to former NHL goalie Jason LaBarbera and mother to two sons, Easton and Ryder. In 2013, she began co-starring on the W Network’s hit TV show “Hockey Wives”. Through the popular docu-series, she showcased her charitable endeavors, focusing on her commitment to Autism – a cause close to her heart.  

 In 2012, Kodette’s eldest son was diagnosed with autism at the age of three. Since then, Kodette has remained committed to ensuring Ryder’s success through her own education and by raising funds and awareness for research and support programs with multiple local and national organizations.  

 Kodette’s husband played 16 years pro hockey and met Kodette in Calgary in 2006. Since then, the couple, joined by Ryder in 2009 and Easton 2011, have lived in 6 cities. Kodette has always made it a priority to make a commitment to her new community by getting involved in local volunteer activities and charities close to her heart.

Kodette has always lived an active lifestyle. Growing up playing sports and in her adulthood pushing herself in weight training and various cardio activities such as spin and running. Through this lifestyle Kodette has lived, eating healthy has always been a priority.  Their family thrives on maintaining healthy standards. And are now proud to be a part of the Made family in helping achieve that with a busy schedule!

You can follow Kodette via Instagram – kodettelabarbera | Twitter @kodettelabarbs or at www.kodettelabarbera.com


Team Chyz is a Calgary based curling team consisting of Heather Rogers, Rebecca Konschuh, Heather Jensen and Nadine Chyz. In their first year together they have had great success on the ice, capturing four World Curling Tour titles, and earning a direct berth into the Alberta Scotties Provincials. In between their busy work, practice, training, and bonspiel schedule, they have found Made Foods to provide quick and healthy food options to give them the nourishment that they need to keep performing their best. Team Chyz is thankful for the support of Made Foods, and proud to be ambassadors of a company that promotes a healthy and active lifestyle.


Deron Mayo is entering his 6th season as starting Linebacker for the Calgary Stampeders. In 2016, Mayo was voted Defensive Captain and was awarded the prestigious Presidents Ring. Aside from his work in the locker room, he is committed to serving the Calgary community through various charity events. Mayo resides in Calgary year-round with his wife and 2 week old daughter. He is grateful to be an Ambassador for Made Foods to keep his body fuelled properly with quick, healthy options for his busy lifestyle.


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