Written by: Kaitlyn Black, Nutrition Consultant at Made Foods

Pre-preparing meals is a daunting task for sure, but in the long run will save you the time and stress of trying to figure it out on the fly especially if you have picky eaters in your household. Planning ahead when it comes to food is a great way to ensure you are making healthy choices, not just reaching for whatever you can get your hands on at the moment because someone is hungry! Here are my top 4 back to school tips to save you time in the kitchen and keep your kids happy, healthy and fed :

Tip #1- Meal Kits 

If you aren’t exactly Gordon Ramsey in the kitchen we offer other options  that can help you to prepare a healthy meal in a very short amount of time. We have recently launched our own line of meal kits called Made By You, which since they require no subscription or grocery stops are great option for busy lifestyles. They can just be picked up and prepared whenever for those days that you have no idea what to make for dinner. So convenient as everything you need (including all the ingredients)  is all provided to you in one box! Each box comes with a recipe card so you can easily head to your local grocery store and recreate the meal afterwards. #bonus

Tip #2-Get your kids involved

A tip for packing lunches is to get kids involved in packing their lunches, this way they are more likely to eat what they take to school. Try to have them include food items from different food groups, to help them to develop healthy meal planning skills for life.

Tip #3-Get your kids cooking

Ask your kids to join you in the kitchen! This might not make things more efficient, especially with younger kids, but it is a great way to have some time together, keep them busy and expose them to new foods. Kids are more likely to eat foods they have helped make (looking at you picky eaters!). A great recipe to make with kids are no bake energy bites which are a great portable snack. You can find that recipe here

Tip #4-Ready to eat healthy snacks and Kids Meals

In a pinch Made also has snack choices as well as ready to eat kids meals in store that are great for kids.

My favourite recommendations are:

  • Apple ginger fruit snacks– a sweet treat that is made with simple ingredients parents can feel good about.
  • Squishy Squash Mac and Cheese– great option for picky eaters, it tastes just like regular mac and cheese but has the added benefit of squash being added to the sauce. Squash contains calcium which is great for healthy bones, and vitamin A which is beneficial for growth, eye health, skin health and the immune system.

We are also working on new Kids Menu items so stay tuned!

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