Written by: Melanie Darbyshire

Now that the 10-day party has come to an end, it’s time to focus on other things. For many, this means a recommitment to one’s health (unless you followed the tips from our last blog, in which case you are currently in tip-top shape!) Eating well, exercising and sleeping are common goals. And while it would be ideal to have enough time every day to do a full workout and cook and eat healthy, homemade food, it’s just not possible for most.

Those who haven’t taken a hiatus from their health routine – such as athletes and fitness competitors – are as busy as ever. Training, competitions, nutrition, work, family, summer holidays – there really aren’t enough hours in the day to fit it all in.

This is how Made Foods can be pretty much everyone’s saving grace. Just ask Made Foods Ambassador Devin Featherstone, a Calgary firefighter, ultra-marathoner, husband and father to 16-month-old Kai. “Made Foods is great for athletes because it’s quality local food that is ready for you to enjoy,” Featherstone says. “You can spend more time focused on the training aspect of your sport.” He says knowing that he’ll get to enjoy one of Made Foods delicious options when he’s finished allows him to fully focus on his strength and running training.

One of his favourites is the Chicken Salad rolls: “Fresh and so tasty. Easy to eat and pack around!” He also loves the Family Feasts – perfect for his family of three. “I really love the summer months with the BBQ packs, which make it easy to enjoy the heat and fresh air. They’re unique combinations that maybe I wouldn’t try together but love. Plus who doesn’t love BBQ?”

The convenience and portability of Made Foods’ meals is key for Featherstone. “It’s great to pack in your bag or cooler for after those long hard mountain runs,” he says. “I love it as well for when we go hiking, with the kids menu. My son loves the food and it makes planning and adventures fun knowing we don’t have to worry about snacks and meals.”

He notes the Kids’ Menu is a great help to busy parents: “They are simple meals that taste amazing. I think more parents should start treating themselves to a meal or two a week for themselves and their kiddos. The reason I say that is it will give you more quality time with your little one. Quality food and more quality time spent with family – the best way to live.”

As an athlete, Featherstone eats clean food, including plenty of fruits and vegetables. He recommends this type of diet to other athletes. “I think that your diet needs to suit the activities you do. Eat foods that give you the best energy source when needed. I think that a clean diet is the best diet. Clean food/energy is the best form which I think has lasting effects in training, recovery and competition.”

It’s all about balance, he says: “Enjoy life, be fit and train hard but also enjoy the good food and drink that’s out there.” For him, Made Foods is key to this balance.

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