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Made Foods provides healthy eating options for people on the go. Enjoy our freshly prepared, delicious and healthy fast food without all the shopping, preparing and cooking. Our Chef and her team make fresh, pre-packaged, healthy meals in single portions and they’re delivered to our local stores daily. You can also order our healthy food online and we will deliver it right to your doorstep. Our meals are pre-cooked and chilled, and ready to be heated if needed. Enjoy them in store too – we’ve got eight healthy places to eat in the Calgary area.

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Made Foods offers a wide selection of gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, vegan and low calorie options. Order healthy food and fuel your body right so you can feel your best and make the most of life, no matter how busy you are.


Locally Sourced, Organic Sustainable Food

To make sure we get the most nutritious and healthy food possible, Made Foods partnered with over 40 farms and ranches, and toured their facilities to ensure they meet rigorous standards. Whether it’s the sustainable produce from Wise Earth Farm,  the humanely raised free-range chickens from family-owned Maple Hill Farms in BC, or the organic fruits from Mans Organics in Coaldale, you can bet all our ingredients are the best possible quality. None of our food is processed and it doesn’t contain added preservatives like other pre-packaged meals.

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Make Healthy Fast Food Choices

We know what it’s like to be busy, and diet is often the first thing that gets sacrificed to convenience. We started Made to change that. Our menu features well balanced, properly portioned healthy food from locally sourced ingredients that will provide the nutrition you need at the fast pace you need it. If that’s not enough, we also offer nutritional consultation services and customized meal plans so you can be healthy with even the busiest lifestyle.

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